This exhibition emerged out of the research project Heritages of Hunger. Heritages of Hunger (HoH) is a joint research project conducted by researchers at Radboud University (RU), Wageningen University & Research (WUR), and the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies in the Netherlands. It is funded by the Dutch Research Council (NWO; NWA-ORC 1160.18.197). It investigates the legacies and heritage of past European famines to foster mutual understanding among communities based on these shared pasts. 


The exhibition is based on the findings and materials collected during the Heritages of Hunger project. The European focus of the research project has informed the scope of this exhibition. Neither the project nor the examples in this exhibition are exhaustive: not all famines that occurred in Europe’s recent past have been included, nor all aspects of each famine. Despite the many national examples in this exhibition, famine does not adhere to national borders. It can transcend these or be more localised. Although the exhibition has focused mostly on Europe, the themes are applicable elsewhere and globally.

It is our hope that with this digital exhibition, we can undo common misconceptions regarding famine and inspire people to take action to combat the persistent existence of famine and food insecurity today.


Coordination, editorial and curation
Charley Boerman (RU)

Exhibition concept and design

Niels Arnbak

With help from
Anne-Lise Bobeldijk (WUR), Marguérite Corporaal (RU), Chris Cusack (RU), Lotte Jensen (RU), Anne van Mourik (NIOD), Ingrid de Zwarte (WUR), Miguel Ángel del Arco Blanco (University of Granada), Matleena Billington (Kuopio Cultural History Museum), Anne Lahtinen (The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas), Niall Kerr (Nerve Centre), Deborah Madden (Lancaster University), Jeremy Maron (Canadian Museum for Human Rights), Andrew G. Newby (University of Jyväskylä), Gloria Román Ruiz (University of Granada).

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